Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cub Scouts

I felt some trepidation when my son became old enough to start Scouts. I'd heard horror stories from lots of people, especially my little brother, about some of the terrible things they'd experienced at the hands of fellow uniformed boys.

But, despite my concerns, I knew it was the right thing for Junior, so when he turned 8, he joined the Cub Scouts. His leaders have been great and he loves going. He's almost done with his Wolf requirements and it makes him feel a great sense of accomplishment to pass things off and have written proof (or visual proof as badges and beads) of his knowledge. I also love seeing him make friends with nice boys in a safe setting.

I sent Junior to scouts for his own sake, but I was surprised by how much it helped him and me with our homeschooling. Seeing how well Junior responded to the clear expectations of his scout requirements helped me to clarify our homeschooling objectives and make our work more manageable. It turns out we both love charting progress and showing what we've already accomplished, even if it is just to ourselves.