Friday, January 15, 2010


Exploratopia: Making Meringue (pg. 89)

This really was about the elasticity of egg whites and the net they create for the air. We started out with a few experiments with rubber bands and water. We always get excited about tasty science and having our home school exchange friends over made it a bonafide party.

Whip it and measure it and spoon it on a tray

And bake it in the oven for a chocolate fondue par-tay

The chocolate was our idea and it was a good one.

DNA experiment

Exploratopia: We Know Who You Are (pg. 99)

Kitchen Scientists

Everybody gets a piece of the action: Adding isopropyl alcohol

Mixing water and dishsoap
Now for the secret ingredient. Sparkle isn't excited, but ultimately consents to donate a few loose cheek cells to science.

We had to run this one twice and still didn't get stellar results, but we understand how tiny DNA is, that everyone's is different (except identical twins) and we've started a collection of glass jars for future experiments.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Joan of Arc By:Angel Fish

(Siege tower at Orleans by Angelfish)

There was a girl who lived on a farm
With righteousness cradled in her arms
Her name was Joan Of Arc.

Angels said she was to set France free
The missions she had were three
Joan set off

Joan told captains and governors she was to have the prince crowned king
No one listened but Joan kept trying
They gave in

Orleans Joan had to save
Joan led her soldiers brave
Orleans was safe

Joan had the prince crowned king
Everyone was cheering and smiling
Especially Joan.

Her third mission to drive the English out
Did not come about
Joan failed was captured and burned

But Joan would want you to be glad not sad