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I just finished my IHIP (individualized home instruction plan) for my three home schoolers this year! Whew. That was a long night. I'm posting a copy here in case that's handy for anyone out there. The content changed slightly for my younger ones, but not much! i still need to make a monthly/weekly schedule that I can use, but this is our second year and we're already off to a much better start. What I didn't include in the IHIP is that we'll be studying ancient world history with DK history of civilization and Story of the World by Susan Bauer. Along with that we're reading the Old Testament. My oldest is learning calligraphy. Everyone is working on typing with BBC Dancemat typing online. Google it. It's a great program which also happens to be GRATIS! Which reminds me that the kids have taken to beginning Latin with Minimus by Barbara Bell. We may be throwing in a photoshop class with another HS family. I just ordered all my books and we're looking forward to making friends with Mr. UPS this month.

Sorry my handy tables separating subject and curriculum didn't show up here, but hopefully you get the idea.

Individualized Home Instruction Plan (IHIP)
School Year 2008-2009

Child’s Information

Parent’s Information

Primary instruction for _________ will be provided by her parents. Supplemental instruction will be provided by others as necessary.

Assessment Reports will be submitted on the following schedule:
Quarter #1 November 15, 2008 Quarter #3 April 15, 2009
Quarter #2 January 31, 2009 Quarter #4 June 30, 2009
Annual Assessment June 30, 2009

SUBJECTS Syllabi, curriculum materials, textbooks OR plan of instruction include, but are not limited to the following:
Alpha Omega Horizon Math 5

silent reading, reading aloud, choral reading, reading response/discussion, dramatic reading and oral presentation

Merriam Webster Online Dictionary variety of activities for spelling and vocabulary building including, word origins, word games and practice for the Scripps National Spelling Bee and

The Writer’s Jungle – Julie Bogart; Easy Grammar 6 Wanda C. Philips

English Language
Literary tour of ancient world history will include offerings from Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Asia, myths and fables, novels, Shakespeare, fairy tales, 17th century lit., nursery rhymes and poetry

Hammond Atlas of the World, Children’s Atlas of Civilizations –Antony Mason, DK First Atlas Planet Earth – BBC video; trip planning and navigation, maps for tracking the travels of our friends, family and literary characters.

United States History
Focusing on 19th century mainly via American Girl series books, period cookbooks, period crafts; Little House on the Prairie series

Exploratopia: More than 400 kid-friendly experiments and explorations for curious minds by The Exploratorium; DK Science Encyclopedia (revised edition) Susan McKeever; Janice Van Cleave’s Chemistry for Every Kid: 101 Easy Experiments that Really work; Concepts and Challenges in Physical Science-Janice VanCleave, Second Edition- Globe Fearon.

Health Education
Kids Health –; How the body works, Staying healthy, Growing up, Everyday Illnesses & Injuries,

The Music Pack – Ron Van Der Meer and Michael Berkeley; Primary children’s choir; live musical events; piano; wide exposure to all forms of music and music theory

Visual Arts
The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain and Workbook – Betty Edwards; The Art Pack – Chriostopher Frayling, Helen Frayling, Ron Van Der Meer; trips to the Met; arts and crafts; design; sewing; abundant art supplies

Physical Education
Basic sailing with Sail Manhattan Club; running cumulative marathon; swimming; hiking; rollerblading; bicycling; dance; free play indoors and outdoors

Following subjects to be covered during K-12:Patriotism and citizenship;Health education regardingAlcohol, drug and tobacco
Misuse; highway safety andTraffic regulations, including Bicycle safety; and fire and arson prevention and safety.
-Learning patriotic songs; political parties, election process and following upcoming elections; community volunteerism. drugs/know_about_drugs.html – 43k and ongoing discussions generally prompted by drinkers/smokers in our neighborhood, on billboards and other media.
-Traffic and Bicycle Safety Kids Page:
-U.S. Fire Administration for kids - and

Bilingual education and/or
English as a second language
where the need is indicated NOT APPLICABLE

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