Monday, December 7, 2009


I always have big plans for contributing on this blog with pictures and explanations, but I never get to it. So, today I am going to just give a couple memorable quotes from homeschool so far this year.

Last week as we did scripture journal and read in 2 Nephi 2, I was explaining to my son about the Law of Opposition, how there can be no joy if there is no sadness, etc. I guess he needed more concrete examples to work with because he stopped me and asked, "What's the opposite of a fish?"

Today, I had a strict schedule for school planned. We even sat down and discussed it together yesterday so he'd be ready for it. I am tired of "going with the flow." It feels like that's all we ever do, so I was committed to getting my son through his school routine in a timely manner despite the addition of two preschool age children I was watching for my friend. It was not a great success. As my son ran through the house screaming joyfully with his young friends, I called for him to come to the table yet again.
He said, "But Mom, I want to have fun!"
My response? "I don't want you to have fun! I want you to do school!"


Urban Tangerine said...

I love it. I know he has plenty of times where his own interests absorb an entire morning resulting in more reading, writing and synthesizing than you ever would have considered asking of him (i.e. the creation of an entire magazine!). Still, we catch ourselves in these moments when fun vs school instead of school is fun.

Urban Tangerine said...

My Hero had a hard time learning opposites because he was told that opposite means whatever is the most different. Black and White, however, have lots in common. They are both colors, etc. The same is true for North & South, On and Off. Thanks to this post we have started a new family car game in which an object is named, say spaghetti and we try to come up with the "opposite" or most different thing. In this case, one might say, fire hydrant. Then someone else will say, "Well...Spaghetti has red sauce and fire hydrants are painted red." Then we all try to think of something even more different. This game frustrates non-creative types. Have Fun!