Thursday, November 20, 2008

Slice of life

7 am I went for an early jog
8 am shower
8:15 am personal scripture study and journal time
8:30 am first round of wake-up calls, touch base with husband (one of the girls is sitting in the kitchen listening to Where the Red Fern Grows on CD) (the other girls is reading a YA novel that a friend of ours is prepping to send to publishers)
9:30 am everyone is awake, thinking about breakfast and I'm nursing the baby
the times get fuzzy after this, but here's what happened
Everyone eats breakfast, reads two Emily Dickinson poems about Hope, gets dressed and all beds are made. We have family prayer. Not necessarily in that order.
The oldest girls read scriptures alone. I read to the younger kids.
The oldest girls write in their journals, quiz themselves on multiplication on, and complete daily grammar.
The 6 year old reviews yesterdays easy reader and has a new reading lesson. Then she draws a turkey and writes "turkey" underneath it. Finally, she does a number recognition worksheet. I promised her she could take a nap once all of those things were done, but then she got excited about her workbook pages and did more math, coloring and alphabet review. It's glorious not to have to push her or bribe her. She can be a stinker!
#1 does history of music reading and completes an assignment from Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain
Private spelling lesson for #2 based on errors found in Christmas story draft
Everyone spends a few minutes working with the baby on her exercises and games for therapy. That's a daily joy and a daily assignment. =)


The older girls and I take turns reading about atomic mass and google a question about nuclear weapons.
Then the oldest girl outlines the Christmas story idea she selected from her brainstorming yesterday, practices calligraphy and reads more of the new YA novel.
The second oldest begins typing her Christmas story.
I read to them about Huang-Di and Lei Tzu from the yellow river valley of ancient China and the story of how silk was discovered.
I discuss current economy and potential career options with husband. We make lunch while husband moves the car. Everyone gets something to eat. Husband tells me that I shouldn't be spending $$ on mythology books right now. The baby's occupational therapist arrives and departs. Two neighbors come for a playdate which includes turning my dining table into a fort. The older girls take this opportunity to play pop music (not allowed before 3pm) and groove to Pandora.


Playdate continues.
Checking in on various internet interface sites, blogs, facebook, etc
6:30 pm Pasta for dinner. .
Dinner chores
Bedtime routine
Family study of the Old Testament which lines up with our daytime study of ancient civilizations
Read aloud Journey to the Center of the Earth chapter 35, 36
I get to write

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SumGreater said...

Wow. You're doing way better than I am. I'll do a slice of life in a sec. Too bad we're not neighbors. I'd send Junior Mint over with you. Maybe I could do arts and crafts or something with everybody to trade then...